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3 Ideas to Make Holiday Party Hosting Easy

Every year we host a Christmas Party for our family and friends. It's a highlight for our family but it comes during a time of year that is already jammed pack! It's for that reason that we look for ways to keep our Christmas Party as simple as possible - that includes storage for everything we use and especially clean up after the party!

Most of the items below 1) take up minimal storage space, 2) can often be used for other occasions, and 3) are mostly disposable. If I've learned anything over the years, less clean up in the days prior to Christmas is ideal. With that said, Happy Hosting!


1. Make the Tables Both Fun and Easy to Clean: I'm a huge fan of kraft paper. I have a big roll and it's the base layer of almost all of our tables when hosting. The beauty is that you can tear it off and throw it away when your party is over! I also used disposable platemats that doubled as coloring pages for the kids in attendence. I wasn't able to find the exact ones you see here but I've linked a similar option. Kids can also color right on the kraft paper. Built-in activity and easy clean up all in one!

I also have a 100 pack of these scalloped kraft paper placemats. These are super fun if you're hosting a seated dinner and are looking to write guests' names at their seats.

2. Have a Cookie Decorating Station: One activity that's fool-proof is cookie decorating! It's both a dessert option and something to do and the kids love it. Our grocery store sells unfrosted sugar cookies and we buy icing off the shelf. Don't make things hard on yourself and keep this simple! You can elevate this activity with fun sprinkes. Fancy Sprinkles has some great options that I've linked below.

....And for the adults you can have fun too and add in cocktail decorating!

3. Decorate with a Balloon Arch or Holiday Cards from Friends: I think I've made a balloon arch for every party we've hosted in the last few years. I love them! They make a big impact with a small amount of effort and cost. Make sure you invest in an electric balloon pump. It makes the process go by much more quickly. This is pretty much the only decoration you need for a party in my opinion, which keeps things simple.

We have this Holiday Card Wreath Display hanging next to our front door. It's a nice touch to let guests know how much we love receiving the cards. It's a minimal effort decoration that's meaningful and lasts all season long.

Hope you find these helpful and again, Happy Hosting!


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