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Home Organization Favorites

As I started to think about the New Year I decided it was important to share some of the basics that we use to stay organized. Here are a few of my favorites...

Smart Phone Label Maker: I've always been a big fan of label makers. I can remember receiving one for Christmas when I was in Middle School and I LOVED that gift. This one is such a great find because 1) it is connected to your smartphone, 2) it has a ton of features that allow you to customize the labels, and 3) the labels are pre-cut so they look uniform. I use this to label my daughters' bottles, clothes, etc. (anything that they bring to daycare). I used the "mermaid" labels below for that purpose. I've also labeled countless things around our house!

Water Bottle Organization: If you have kids, chances are you also have water bottles floating around your cabinets. I swear we bring water everywhere. We have this water bottle organizer, which is our attempt to help.

Calendar: For years we used our computer for a calendar but I can't tell you how incredible it has been to have a physical calendar up in our kitchen to help keep our weeks organized. I have this gorgeous calendar from Rifle Paper company and it's our second year using. We have a command hook inside our pantry that we hang it on and I've now ordered calendars for my home and work office because I really love the visual reminder of what we have going on each week.

Tea Organization: I'm a tea drinker and I have been able to stay super organized with these two drawer inserts. I love tea for a relaxing end to the evening and feel even more zen when the tea I'm reaching for is so nicely organized.

Clear Makeup Bags: For the longest time I was using these adorable monogrammed makeup bags but lately I am always reaching for these clear makeup bags instead. They are the right size and because they are clear 1) It's easier to find what I'm looking for and 2) It forces me to only include what I really need because it can't hide in the depths of my makeup bag. They're also easy to clean and a GREAT price!

Wet Dry Bags: If you are a parent and don't have these, you are missing out! These bags are a staple in my diaper bag. I have one for each girl with a clean outfit (including a diaper or pull up) in the front pocket. It's a life saver in so many situations.


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