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Laundry Room Refresh

I knew I wanted to update our laundry room but I didn't want to spend a fortune on the project (and admittedly - I'm not very handy). There were a few things that I did for this project to keep it simple but give this room the update that it needed.





The Project

Wallpaper: I started by installing easy peel and stick wallpaper in this grey buffalo check design (which I loved and still love almost 2 years later). It has honestly held up really well and was way easier to install than I expected! I used 7 rolls but at about $150 total, this was a great deal for such a quick and chic impact! I linked the tools that I used below as well. I'd recommend this wallpaper for any small space (half baths, etc.).

Shelves / Cabinets: I knew I needed to replace the wire shelving I had this room but I didn't want to spend too much with a custom cabinet option. I landed on installing basic white cabinets and shelves from Ikea. Again - I'm not very handy so I also paid a Task Rabbit to assemble and install. *After I once assembled an Ikea dresser backwards, I consider this insurance for my purchase.* This is good news for you - your project might end up costing even less than mine if you are capable of your own Ikea assembly!

For the cabinets I used the Ikea HAVSTA storage combination with doors in white. This cost me $379.

For the shelves I initially ordered 6 RAMSHULT 7 x 8 ¾"white brackets (3 brackets each on 2 shelves) based on the length of the shelves. This was $48. Unfortunately for me, there something in the way of that middle bracket so I had to order 2 more to make it look symmetrical. I think most people should be able to use 6 for a similar project though.

The shelves themselves were 2 BERGSHULT 47 1/4x11 3/4" shelves. This cost just under $40 for the two shelves.

I'd also recommend buying the screws from Ikea. This was a tip from my task rabbit that honestly made a big difference in how the assembled products look (the screws sit flush in the pre-drilled holes.) This kit is called the FIXA screw and plug s260. It costs $12 and comes with a lot of screws!

I did elevate the cabinets with some cute gold hardware I found on Amazon. I spent $10 for 10 knobs.

Jars: I know this may sound silly but really thinking about my laundry room, the products I was using to do laundry were taking up almost a full shelf (I like leaving them out because it's the core of what I use) so I wanted to elevate the look. I love how this turned out - 2 years later I'm still restocking and using these jars! They cost about $25 each but make the room feel so much nicer in my opinion.

Light Fixture: This is part of the project that I called in my dad to help guide me on (but I did do the installation myself)! The West Elm Light we installed in the laundry room is now the fourth I've installed in our house! I love ordering these to replace any old flush-mount lights. It just always looks so nice. It's not going to give off the most light so save it for areas that are smaller or you want a nice ambiance in. I used the 16" bronze option. It's just under $100 but often goes on sale for $79 or less.


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