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Playroom Favorites

Kids organization should be fun! There are a few things that we have in our playroom that I love. We use so many more bags and bins in our playroom than I could have ever imagined - kids accumulate so much stuff!

Zippered Bags - These bags are so useful for toys. We have packs of flashcards in them, sets of toys, accessories for dolls - basically anything that needs to be organized or grouped together!

Decor: We've been in the process of creating a fun and colorful gallery wall in our basement. These are a few things we've collected and I plan to frame and display the kids' artwork alongside some of this adorable decor.

Hooks: This is great for dress-up clothes, hats, bags, etc. I love enabling the kids to put things back where they belong on their own and what's easier than just hanging something up on a hook!

Bins: We use bins for everything! It's much more fun if you have bins that have a playful design.

Slim Bookshelf: This bookshelf is the best for small spaces. It's wall mounted and I love that books face outward so my daughters can easily choose the cover of the book they'd like to read!

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