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Practical and Affordable Baby Gear: Essential Products Every Parent Needs

When you have a new baby, having the right systems in place makes all the difference. In this post, I'm diving into the realm of baby organization and sharing a curated selection of top-rated products designed to bring order and simplicity to your nursery and to your home. From smart storage solutions to practical parenting hacks, discover how you can transform chaos into calm with these must-have items.

#1 Breast Feeding / Pumping Hack - Magnetic Bag Holder: This is something that I have used for Baby #2 that has been such a game-changer. While it's designed for papers and brochures, this magnetic holder is the exact size for breast milk storage bags like the Lansinoh bags. I love this hack because you're going to be storing the milk you pump in your fridge or freezer so you'll have the bags right where you need them. I also throw a marker in to label.

#2 Breast Milk Freezer Storage Containers I absolutely love these breast milk freezer storage containers! They've been vital to keep my expressed breast milk organized and my freezer decluttered. Highly recommend for all breastfeeding moms!

A few tips to optimize storage:

  • Label: Make sure to label your breast milk with at least the date and volume. It's hard to tell the volume once the breast milk is in the bag so make sure to check in the bottle before pouring into the bag.

  • Make Sure There's No Air: I use the side of my counter to squeeze out any excess air from the bags before storing. This will allow you to fit more storage bags in the container.

  • Freeze Laying Flat: Before storing in your container upright, freeze the bag laying flat. This is another tip that will let you fit more bags of milk in your storage.

  • Date System: Store bags in order from oldest to newest so you have a system in place when you go to use the milk

... the best news is that the breast milk freezer storage can double as a diaper holder for your nursery!

#3 Diaper Storage Containers If you measure the standard diaper storage bins from any of the major retailers they're the same as the bins I use for storing breast milk in our freezer. We have a total of 4 of these bins in our house at the moment and I always debate buying more. We seem to find so many uses for them. I keep a bin full of diapers right next to our changing table as you can see and a second bin filled and ready to switch out in the closet so I know when it's time to buy more diapers and I never risk running out, especially in the middle of a diaper change!

#4 Changing Table Pads On the subject of the changing table, I cannot tell you how helpful it is to have a pack of these changing pads on hand. While a changing table topper often looks beautiful, it's a pain to change every time it gets dirty (especially in the middle of the night). Instead, I lay one of these easy to move pads on top of the changing table before each diaper change and just toss it in the hamper and lay a new one out whenever it gets dirty. They roll up for easy transport / storage and I almost always have one nearby. We have 6!

#5 Nightlight / Sound Machine I'm so excited about this one. Our first-born is almost 3 and we still rely on the Hatch as a nightlight / sound machine every single night (and nap). I love that it can either be controlled manually or on your phone via the app. We then bought another for our second daughter since we have loved the Hatch so much. In her nursery we really didn't have a plug in a convenient place for it to sit on top of a shelf like we did for our first. That's when I discovered this outlet / shelf combination that I'm thrilled about! It was so easy to install, hides the cord, and creates the perfect little spot for her Hatch.


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